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Fear Of Food

Fear Of Food Having a fear of food (otherwise known as cibophobia) is quite a common occurrence these days. Whether you find yourself avoiding a single food, or like some avoiding massive ranges of food, there is a high chance that you suffer from the fear of food. Quite often when an individual appears to …

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Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Hypnosis To Quit Smoking When many people attempt to quit smoking, they find that they are constantly battling with their own mind. A part of them wants to continue with the habit which they have reinforced thousands of times, and another part of them for whatever reasons has decided enough was enough. A lot of …

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Stop Being Defensive

Stop Being Defensive Being defensive is the tendency to be possessive about own thoughts and argue with others. It can create communication problem in social life. To curb this habit, its essential to think before reacting. Otherwise, other person’s reactions can be ignored a smooth conversation is impossible. If you disagree with others opinion, you …

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