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Fight a Cold

Fight a Cold It is almost a normal that, in a cold season a person is caught by cold at least for one time. It is a very painful disease, and the victim of this problem is not being able to do any work frequently. This cold almost destroys the regular routine of person?s personal …

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Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage Human beings have a fluctuating mentality. It is difficult find any kind of resemblance with one person to another. They also interesting in nature. The range of being interesting varies from person to person. Some are interesting which we admire and praise a lot. And some are ignorable and they create such impression …

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Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety Performance anxiety is a state of mind where people get psychologically disabled which is usually caused by stress or anxiety. Performance anxiety can happen at any point of our life. It may be in our personal life or in the professional life. Performance anxiety cripples the life and it triggers further stress. Life …

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