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Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance Self acceptance is the sense of loving and caring ourselves. There is always needed to be a balance between self acceptance and the love for others. If we are asked a question that whom we does love most, then we will come up with a lots of different answer, but deep into the …

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Stop Nose Picking

Stop Nose Picking It is time to stop this insanitary habit right now. It starts with accepting that you have a nose-picking habit and then being strong-minded to arrest it right now. Show your child how to use a tissue and keep them available at all times. This is easy. Admire your child when he …

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Motivation at Work

Motivation at Work There are many factors in the workplace which can make you successful and vise versa. These are the major determinants of your success and failure. Motivation at workplace is one of those. You can be a brilliant person but in specific situations you will be stumbling without the help from certain factors. …

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Stop Drinking Soda

Stop Drinking Soda According to global statistics, Soda consumption is rapidly increasing each day for every man, woman, and child. Soda is mainly composed of starches and sugars which results in the habit of overeating. Most of the beverages are sweetened with high sugar. Sugar is responsible for supplying lots of calories. It’s absorbed by …

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