Hypnotically Developing Your Stress Management Skills

No matter what you do, that tension and stress seems to keep on piling up.
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Stress can be defined as a state we experience when there is a mismatch between perceived requirements and our ability to cope. Stress can also be defined as an adaptational reaction by a body to alterations in the environment.

Stress response evolved to allow humans to manage with life-threatening dangers or stressors such as being confronted with a hostile human or even a wild animal. Situations like this expected action – the activation of the stress response to either stick around and fight or to run away.

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Nowadays, we hopefully wont have to endure the same dangers as our ancestors, nonetheless the stress response to demanding situations we encounter is still with us and our mind and body still prepare for fight or flight when confronted with this equivalent of the wild animal. This is why we need to focus on our ability for stress management.

This is where the trouble might start as activation of the fight or flight response with no physical outlet, such as if we are stuck in a traffic jam and can’t fight it or flee from it, or possibly an unfair encounter in the workplace where again the call for action might be triggered only we cant vent it by fighting or running away without consequences we would instead avoid.

Possibly several of these events and more are endured on the same day, perhaps every day, and the stress level builds within us until it can damage our health because of the unceasing pressure directed upon our immune system.

The resulting reduction in efficiency of our immune system may then open us up to many unwanted symptoms such as yeast overgrowth, rashes, indigestion, IBS, headaches and migraines, diminished memory efficiency and a tendency to become negative and depressed unless a solution is discovered and healing is facilitated.

Stress isn’t always negative – the stress response was designed to assist and protect us and some individuals even place themselves in stressful places they acknowledge they can handle for excitement and ‘the thrill’ as it is often called.

We all experience stress in different modes depending upon our personality type, conditioning and possible training also.

Whenever we face a stressor but comprehend we have the ability to deal with it successfully, a feeling of success and achievement can be gained. Finding the balance right between positive stress to motivate us and encourage us to develop, and our ability for stress management is possibly the key to remaining healthy, positive and active in whatever arena of life we find ourselves.

Our power to deal with stress can be affected by our dieting and the intake of good substances that out body needs to stay strong and flexible and to repair itself when necessary. Also we should avoid anything that could cause us to be more upset or weaker, such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc.

Finally, our stressor can be mostly external, some issue or situation that is inducing stress, or internal attitudes or emotions that lead to stress (anxiety, guilt, low self esteem, fear, etc).

Hypnosis allows an individual to enter a state of deep relaxation which in itself is a very useful therapy for combating stress management. It also allows one to become calm and focused, as all the parts of the mind work together and centralize on resolving the issue at hand.

Hypnotherapy consequently provides relaxation (and clients of good therapists learn self-hypnosis so they can find this deep relaxation for themselves) and is therefore usable at even this initial level, as a form of first aid.

The good therapist will assist the client to dissolve any suppressed emotions, triggers and false instincts from the past that are a kind of out-of-date misconception, or maybe just no longer wanted or needed programming, that loops around once activated to cause us much anxiety and feelings of panic, but we often don’t even consciously know why.

Observing this, the tremendous power of hypnotic suggestion and therapy will be used to provide new and efficient programming to support moves forward into a much more positive life with an improved outlook on everything.

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