Personal Productivity

Stop Being Lazy

Stop Being Lazy Laziness is resulted from excessive leisure, a poor energy level and lack of motivation. Lazy people tend to pass their time in unproductive activities like oversleeping or watching television despite they have long queue of work in hand. It can create far-reaching problems for youngster, even to the elders. To solve this …

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Watch Less Tv

Watch Less Tv Watch TV statistics get more and more depressing. In the world, the average adult spends anywhere from three to six hours watching TV every day, and almost two-thirds of families with kids eat dinner while watching the tube. If you feel you’ve been spending more time watching an electronically mediated simulation of …

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Creativity Booster

Creativity Booster Some people in this earth are blessed with a rare gift named creativity. It is one of the most desired gifts that many intellectual people would like to receive. The creative people are the ones who open new doors of opportunity, they are the one who invent, who contribute by using their gift. …

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