Personal Productivity

Self Discipline

Self Discipline Discipline is the buzzword in every person’s life. No matter someone implies this in their life or not, but it prevails everywhere. Any one can hardly ignore the effect of it. Self discipline is the practice of executing every time with a proper plan, schedule and maintain the consistency about it. It is …

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Overcome Lethargy

Overcome Lethargy Lethargy is the state of sluggishness, drowsiness or indifference. This is common when a person is recovering from an illness or someone has gone through a heavy physical stress. In these scenarios, lethargy is considered to be a normal phenomenon, but if it is persistent in nature, then the individual needs to take …

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Reach Your Goals

Reach Your Goals Goal, this one word conceives a lot of hopes, emotions, struggles, joy and much. Typically from the very beginning of our life, we set a goal mostly influenced by the parents. As the time passes by, we get to know the world more vividly and start justifying the goal. Some stuck with …

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