Seize the Day

Seize the Day Seize the day generally means to seal off a day just for enjoyment purpose. This first paced world has almost made us machine. We have a schedule fixed for seven days where gets the least of the portion. Everyday after a lot of stresses when we get home we have nothing left …

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Self Discipline

Self Discipline Discipline is the buzzword in every person’s life. No matter someone implies this in their life or not, but it prevails everywhere. Any one can hardly ignore the effect of it. Self discipline is the practice of executing every time with a proper plan, schedule and maintain the consistency about it. It is …

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Speed Dating Women

Speed Dating Women Sometimes people have to indulge themselves into a stuff which they have hardly thought in the9ir life. They have to fulfill the demand of the situation and they can not ignore it. For example, most of the women have a notion to choose perfect bridegroom for them and in this process they …

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