Positive Pregnancy

Positive Pregnancy Pregnancy is a blessing experience for any women that she could have ever encountered. This is the regarded to be a gift from the Almighty. In this process she gives birth to a baby which is the most carving gift for the parents. But sometimes different sorts of complexities make this wonderful experience …

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Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety Performance anxiety is a state of mind where people get psychologically disabled which is usually caused by stress or anxiety. Performance anxiety can happen at any point of our life. It may be in our personal life or in the professional life. Performance anxiety cripples the life and it triggers further stress. Life …

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Read More Whenever we hear the word reading, instantly in some of our mind a number of key words pop up, for example- knowledge, enjoyment, boring, wastage of time, knowing ourselves, friend and much more. This difference in association with reading has been triggered by various factors. Age, personality, culture, value, social environment all of …

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