Thinking Skills

Improve Objectivity

Improve Objectivity In this modern world is now so busy to give all of its attention in subjectivity. Especially in the western side of the world gives the total focus on subject. But they are just ignoring one thing and that is objectivity. At first lets see what the objectivity is. Objectivity is something which …

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Victim Mentality

Victim Mentality A victim mentality is one where people blame everyone else for what happens in their world. If people suffer from low self esteem they may have a victim mentality. Some people are right to think this because they have suffered at the hands of others or life has dealt them a blow but …

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Stop Negative Thoughts

Stop Negative Thoughts Negative thoughts are not set aside for just a few people or situations – everyone is overwhelmed by negative thoughts at some point in life..This is one of the most influential things you can tell your subconscious to do when you find you are thinking about something unconstructive or you need to …

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Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Human being is most intellectual creature of the Almighty. He has blessed us with some unique qualities which are absent in other creatures. The capability of thinking is one of them. Thinking is such a powerful process that, the way of thinking can change the whole course of life. If someone can use …

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