Social Anxiety

Speaking in Groups

Speaking in Groups There are various types of people available in this world. In broad sense, on the basis of speaking in a group we can figure out two types of people. One who always speak out in the group and the other one finds it better to remain silent in the group. The later …

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Nervous Cough

Nervous Cough vous cough usually happens when people get anxious in the unwanted situations and then unconsciously an involuntary response pops out. These responses can be of many types, one of those is Nervous Cough. After having this people start to find its reason and try to figure out the explanation behind this. These are …

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Stop Nervous Laughter

Stop Nervous Laughter There are some habits that are simply painful. Having conversations about something can have an abnormal effect on someone. Breaking out into nervous laughter can be awkward, but there are steps you can take to control outbreak of laughter. Slow down during talking. Some people laugh nervously or laugh because of an …

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Self Consciousness

Self Consciousness There are many people who drown into others thinking. They hardly can think for their own. Whenever they are out in the road, they keep wondering what people are thinking about him or her right now. Are they mocking or they are having funny talks about the person or he is the subject …

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