Personal Skills

Increase Your Luck

Increase Your Luck Some people may think that luck is something which is out of control. But the true is luck is in the control of human. All the things which control the luck that is the individual activity of the person. If a person can work perfectly, do the work in time then automatically …

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What Others Think

What Others Think People would like to reassure that they are not the only one who worries about what other people think of them. They are confident that, more often than not, people want to be liked, respected, and appreciated by their peers and elders. It sounds to me that it is very important for …

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Overcome Perfectionism

Overcome Perfectionism Perfectionism is state of mind where an individual wants everything to be cent percent flawless. Though perfectionism sounds like a novel word, but it generates a number of problems in our day to day activities. There is distinction between trying to do a work successfully and taking consistent stress to do same job …

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Overcome Selfishness

Overcome Selfishness Good people and bad people, both of these two categories of human beings have some specific characteristics, which are considered to be the determinants of their side. Selfishness is a determinant of bad people. But we think rationally then we will see that, each and every human being is selfish. We can hardly …

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Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility Responsibility is a very weighted word. It is something that taking the duty of something. It could be taking the responsibility of a person, of others or it also could be take the responsibility of his own. Whatever it is, it is very weighted work, and every people do not have the quality …

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Asking For Help

Asking For Help Is requesting help difficult while you require it? Can you always attempt to manage each and every thing that you experienced on your own, even if others are pleased to help? Self-sufficiency and personal competence are extremely respected within our competitive society. All of us (apparently, at slightest) sign up for the …

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