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Porn Addiction

Porn addiction refers to some certain states where porn is being with daily life. It can happen mostly in pre-matured and matured stages of life cycle. People of certain age ranging from thirteen to fifty can be addicted to this. This is just estimation by most of the researches. The age range can fluctuate a …

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Shopping Addiction

Different people have different types of infatuations in their life. These are their incentives for life. These work as a fuel for the people. They carry out these things neither in the basis of rationality nor in the basis of any cognitive process. They do it because they love. But at one point these simple …

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Obsessive Checking

Obsessive checking generally means the act of checking the same thing over and over again. In most cases it is completely unnecessary to go over the stuffs for a number of times, but some people have conditioned themselves to do this. At the elementary level, it is treated as a precautionary thing but as the …

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Moderate Drinking

It is tough to determine the moderate drinking level as the limit and consumption style of this drinking varies from man to man. For someone it is lowest in quantity and for someone it depends on the situation. If we quantify then it be more convenient to come up with a better definition. For example, …

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