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For some people, having a relationship with others is a problem in itself. And for others, it is the most liberating thing in their life.

Generally at the start of relationship a sense of euphoria works into us and keeps us our mind covered. We use to avoid small problems thinking that it is never going to appear
again. But when the relationship starts to take the undesired rout, new problems coupled with the earlier small ones start to play their part. Both the life and the relationship become nightmare.

There can be different origins of problems in relationship. The most common one is lack of commitment. People
start relationship with dignity and commitment to each other. When one of them starts to show neglect in fulfilling
the commitment, the bondage between them starts to weaken. It is not always possible to fulfill all the commitments
and it’s quite normal. If it becomes persistent in nature then both of the persons start to justify their decision
regarding relationship. Another source of problem is not having the mind set of compromising. When both of the
partners tend to have full facilities then it may raise problem relationship is about sacrifice and compromise. If
both of them do not possess this mentality then the problem with get worsen.

Distrust is the most harmful one for relationship. There are few foundations of a relationship trust is the
heart of them. When people start to loose faith in their partner, the relationship gets close to ending. Some
people have the tendency to distrust their partner without even rationalizing the underlying cause. This mind set
has to be eliminated. Besides these age factor, problems with other family members, the notion of taking control
over the partner are important trigger points of problems in a relationship.

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