Grief and Loss

Dealing with Grief and Loss

Grief is one kind of multifaceted response to loss.

It could be loss of something or someone. Although this is mainly focused on emotional affect, but at the same time
this also affect physically, mentally and also in social, behavioral dimensions.

It mainly occurs when it is a matter of losing human love. This can be a member of family or friends. And the
losses of range are employment, pet and many others.

Now the types of bereavements are like childhood bereavements, death of parents, death child, death of spouse,
death of siblings and other losses are also included here. Cultural and physical aspects are also influenced to
break the mentally while they are deal with grief.

Now it is important to know that how a person dealing with the grief loss. We all know that it is very hard to deal
with this problem.

The first thing the person who likes to deal with this problem must need to do that is give a cry. It is
scientifically proved that if a person gives a cry that is very helpful to reduce the pain.

Then the next things the person needs to do that take him in front of the truth. Because what is happen no one has
the ability to bring it back.

So, the person who is dealing with grief he or she must need to understand the reality. For this he or she must
needs to very high confident level in him or herself.

This type of persons can pass a lot time with their friends and family as if he or she can forget the past bad
experience as quick as possible. He or she can go somewhere else, which place will help them to forget the bad

In this time the person should need to take care about their health. Because, if they are unable take care about
this then they will become ill and that can make bigger problem.

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