Trust Again

Trust Again

After hurt or betrayal it is extremely tempting to withdraw into a shell in which we can no longer be hurt. In trusting no-one we feel that we are safe, that we won’t be hurt again. It is normal for this process to occur for a
short while after a hurt has been dealt to us. For the first few weeks or months after a break up we are naturally reluctant to date again. That is normal, and to some extent, healthy. We would not have made it very far as a
species if we simply repeated actions which caused us to be harmed over and over again.

Eventually however, we must trust again. Most people begin to do so naturally when the healing process has taken place. Forcing yourself to trust again or to be in a relationship soon after leaving someone in which you were hurt is not a good idea. However it is also not beneficial to simply withdraw from others for good, to decide never to trust again.

If one have ever been betrayed or severely disappointed by someone love, they know how difficult it can be to trust again. Whether they were let down by a friend, spouse, lover, or even a parent, this can negatively impact
future relationships. These 6 tips are for anyone with a desire to trust again:

  • Allow oneself to fully acknowledge each feeling.
  • For each action that one write, notice the emotions that they feel. In most cases, thoughts about one
    action trigger several emotions. Write each feeling next to the action. If they feel powerless, frustrated, and
    ashamed when thinking of their mates affair, write it down.
  • Discover the thought triggers.
  • Replace blame with understanding.
  • The art of forgiveness.
  • Embracing the life lessons.

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