Surviving Infidelity

Surviving Infidelity

People have no idea just how painful and difficult surviving infidelity really is, unless they have been there themselves. During the initial stages one seems to be literally teetering between life and death. This is not just a bad day or something you will ‘just get over.’ It is worse than death. It is living through your worst nightmare.

Buy yourself a new outfit. If ever there was a time when you deserved a comfort purchase it is now, when you’re surviving infidelity. Buy yourself flowers too. You need to be reminded in the midst of your blackest hour, even though your whole world has become ugly and dark, that there still is beauty in the world. It doesn’t feel like it today, but there is actually still hope for your future.

Do not make a life altering decision while you are in the initial stages of surviving infidelity, still in a state of emotional trauma and shock. Even though it may feel as though there is no hope at all for your relationship, there may still be hope.

How are you going to live through this? Schedule appropriate down time, but don’t allow yourself to stay in bed crying all day, all week. The reality is that if you are in the process of surviving infidelity, you are in the middle of a war, whether you like it or not. You have no choice. You have just been invaded by a great enemy who is bound and determined to ruin your whole life.

Watching a good comedy or spending time with someone who’s got the gift of humor can be invaluable when surviving infidelity. This week I found humor in this woman’s honest sharing; apparently her husband had to stop by
her home to drop off a check which belonged to her. He is now living with the other woman.

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