Stop Seeking Approval

When people are short of self-confidence and in particular have low self admiration, they find themselves needing the approval of others. Unfortunately, in this day and age of being over worked and underestimated, the approval of others may be sluggish to happen. Saying appraisal words doesn’t seem to be frequent in modern society.

Being critical of your self is a simple habit to get into, and forms the foundation of our needing approval from others. The origin of our self criticism is receiving end of criticism from others. Comparing ourselves to others is another way to be critical of ourselves, disapproval. If you must compare, find positive things where you are superior to others. Even if you find yourself with idols you are trying to imitate, there will be features of their personality, perhaps particular talent or quality that you already have but they don’t.

Spot situations where you find yourself seeking the approval of others. Is it with specific people? Is there any reason you can identify why this should be, why you’re leaving yourself susceptible to their temper? Start getting in the habit of getting approval exclusively from you. As you find yourself repeatedly adjourning to others opinion of you, perceive that thinking. You may need to seek professional help such as a counselor if you have complexity challenging these thoughts yourself.

One easy way to challenge such thinking is to remind yourself that most people are quite self centered. In the same way you spend most of your time full of self talk, worrying about you; other people are not as concerned about you as you think. They’re mostly concerned about themselves. Another technique is to get in the practice of approving of you. Keep reminding yourself what you’ve done well, what you are satisfied about that you have done.

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