Stop Pushing People Away

Stop Pushing People Away

Everyone seeks recognition, approval and fondness.. There is the panic of negative response and disappointment in all people, denial, self-doubt and fear of being hurt can add force to a nature some of us have of keeping people in our lives at bay. To truly love and be loved, you have to bring to an end the pushing of people away.

Change your inside dialogue. Replace thoughts of and other critical dialogue with positive, life affirming quotes. Whenever you start feeling hesitant or petrified in a social situation and you feel compelled to withdraw or push people away, take a deep breath and start saying to yourself that things will be alright. Remind yourself that you have worth and have much to present to the world, so other people genuinely like you.

Instead of pushing, try to stand still. If you’re too afraid to walk up to someone, be accessible and let someone walk up to you. Smile and make eye contact. Don’t refuse everyone. Listen to what the other has to say. If you feel any sort of desirability, see where it takes you.

Learn to recognize love. Low self esteem will steal from you a feeling of worthy love. Stop pushing people away by looking at them and telling yourself that they are good people and that you deserve to have their love. If you
feel as though you don’t deserve the people in your life, you may be inadvertently pushing them away because of it.

Take fear out of your life. Instead of waiting for someone to dishearten you, learn how to stop fearing love and a flourishing relationship with someone. These pessimistic feelings and thoughts can lead to self-fulfilling prophesies. If you tell yourself that you will only draw the same types of people who will hurt you, you can easily make it come true.

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