Stop Choosing Mr Wrong

Stop Choosing Mr Wrong

Its a common problem of many girls especially by young girls to choose the Mr. Wrong. Its a natural system that the girls are looking for her guy. When a girl is young she has less experience about the world, about the society
because she does not have the total picture of these things. So in her dream she has her guy as someone who is smart, nice and has many other qualities which are only the eye wash attribute of a human being. So at that time
when the girl sees a smart boy she falls in love with him. But after some days she found that she chooses the wrong guy.

As it is easy to say choose the right guy it is not easy to choose in real life. The reason is it is so critical to understand a person. As we mentioned before that girls are looking for smarts guys and based on this attributes
when she choose one she becomes so happy, but the problem occurs after some days when the real face of the boy comes out. The girls find out may the boy is smart but not have a good heart. She find out she has not chosen a
right person.

Now, what a girl can do to choose Mr. Right. What thing the girl must need to focus is on internal behave of the man. She must need to focus on the educational condition, the family condition and behave of the boy. She can focus on how the respect others, how he treat her. If all of this things goes positive for a person then girl can give her step to choose her Mr. Right.

Finally one important suggestion for that choose a boy who will stay beside her all the time, whatever it is in trouble time or happy time.

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