Stay Faithful

Stay Faithful

There are some characteristics which clearly mark a person differently from others. These characteristics are novel and inspiring ones. People tend to nurture it for a long period of time and use it when it is mostly needed.
Being faithful is such as characteristic. In this world of lust it is never easy being a faithful individual. This world will always try to distract people by luring them and people who have weak or no sense of faithfulness are
easily distracted by this. But still there are some novel individuals available who are faithful in every stage of the life.

The state of faithfulness is needed in every aspect of life. Starting from the personal life to professional life people need to be faithful. For example, a child needs to be faithful to his parents, a student to the teacher, a husband to the wife, a friend to another one etc. These are all about personal life. In the professional level, the staffs have to be faithful to the boss, a business partner to another one. Without faithfulness there will be a lot of chaos all around the world. Already this world is filled with mistrust and lust, which trigger a number of new problems each and everyday. A lot of families and relationships have been broken apart just for the lack of faithfulness. Faithfulness is such a strong stuff which creates a strong bondage among people.

Above all we all need to be faithful to our country which greatly lacks in us. We do not care what problem is being caused to the country by us for the lack of this quality. We have to be always alarmed about it. A faithful person is an asset for a country. So they always should be motivated and other people should instill this great virtue into them.

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