Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is one of the most common problems faced by the parents. It is more severe among siblings of almost same age. This sibling rivalry drives the parents crazy. No matter what they do, it becomes very tough to deal with it. Most of the siblings keep on quarrelling over trivial matters. Sometimes they take their rivalry to such extent that they physically keep assaulting each other without thinking forth coming dangers. It is pretty rare that these siblings are staying cool on each other. All the time keep complaining and make fuzz over hardly significant matters.

These situations are common among the siblings where every one of them is ruthless in nature and have no tendency to compromise. They would even quarrel over a white piece of paper which has no significance. These quarrels do not only affect only parents? life but their life also. Their education and other daily activities have been hampered seriously because of this matter. Sometimes this problem is also triggered by sense of getting not
equal love and affection from both of the parents. One of them always envies at other and gets chance to do something bad to other sibling.

Parents can play the most significant role in alleviating sibling rivalry. They always have to be careful that both of them are getting almost same kind of care from them. They are not just always picking one up from them and
giving all the stuffs to him or her. Parents should always try to pass as much time as possible because by this they can know and observe the problems closely. So by this they may come up with a good solution. The parents
should learn them the lessons of working in a group. They can do it by playing different games all the time.

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