Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage

In an individuals life there are a number of phases. Each and every of these phases has at least meaningful in it. These phases collectively represent our life. Among these some particular incidents can change the whole course
of life. This can be both positive and negative. Marriage is such kind of life changing incident. Marriage is a social relationship where two people take pledge to have each other’s company for the rest of the life. But sometimes such things make this company annoying. There is been a big wall between two of them. The marriage life is brought to halt. Some people want to over this here and others wish to give this so desired marriage a new look.

There can be a number of reason for which the marriage did not work out properly. For example- lack of mutual understanding, lack of commitment to each other, disbelief, the age factor etc. At first each individual has to sort out the reasons behind this new situation. Most of the marriages are affected by lack of commitment by an individual to the partner. Though out the marriage life, people want to be taken care of. They like to enjoy the partner’s sense of responsibility and commitment. When one of them lacks in this, things start to get bad. But both of them must give time to each other to work on the mistakes. Most often people take decisions based on instant justification which may end up in a wrong decision. They should give their beloved one the chance to prove them.

Anther huge aspect in saving marriage is, often people take decision on the basis of others? judgment. It is a very bad practice. They should keep in mind that they are one who can judge their beloved ones. So people must think rationally and justify their own decision to save their marriage.

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