Relationship with Mother

Relationship with Mother

For almost all the human beings, the most significant personality in the whole lifetime is their mother. Mother is the most precious one that a person could ever have and we should treat them like the same. Those unfortunate
people who have not seen their mother or have not got much time to spend with mother, know the real value of it. Every person should maintain a great relationship with mother.

If we want to define relationship with our mother, we will come up with a whole lot of things for example- care, respect, dignity, responsibility and much more. It is impossible to return the favor of mother, whether we do will
not ever be enough. But at least we can try to return some of the favors. And we can start this by maintain a god relationship with mother. Whenever a child starts to comprehend the outside world, he or she should start to
respect the mother. They have to abide by the mother and instill the belief that what she is saying is for their well-being. The mother herself should try to develop the relationship with her child as a friend, mentor and guide.
She should influence her child to differentiate between good and bad. It will set the belief in her child that, their mother is the right guide for them. It is surely going to make the relationship stronger.

Sometimes the teens gives the priority of peers that their mother. They tend to disobey them and consistently misbehave with her. It is sheer stupidity. It is quite unfortunate for them that they could not figure out the right person and later they pay for it. There are many people who left their mother and send them to the place where normally lonely elder people kept. This is sheer ignorance to the relationship and this should not be done if there is no critical situation.

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