Newly Single

Newly Single

One synonym of the life should assigned is uncertainty. Life keeps changing its looks overtime. Most often it deviates from our thinking. What path we think of life, it just chooses the reverse one. For this uncertain nature,
we keep cursing it. But sometimes with all these uncertainties it gives us new hope; it shows us a completely unexpected way to illuminate our life. The ambiguity comes up with a blessing in disguise. Newly single condition
is something like this. No one gets married to get detached after a while. Each couple has a hope to live a life which will be full of happiness, there will be no misery in their. It is only possible in the perfect world, but in
the real one. When there are misunderstandings, suspicions and all other negative notions between two of them, the marriage life becomes a nightmare. So they find it to be a single entity.

Newly single can be a blessing or it can be the enhancement of the miseries. Some newly single people are courageous enough to organize their life in a far more efficient manner than the previous. They find more comfortable being a single entity. Their new life opens the door of many unexpected opportunity, where they can indulge themselves.

Another kind of people is not that lucky ones. In the initial stage they are completely satisfied with their decision, but as the life moves on they start to regret for their previous decision. They find it difficult to carry out the life. They are thrown into utter miseries where they get drowned. Neither they can not figure out the way organizing their life nor do they get back into the previous one. They are in complete dilemma from where rarely can pull themselves out. So before taking this kind of decision, be sure and be rational.

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