Love Your Imperfect Partner

Love Your Imperfect Partner

We always desire to have such a partner who will be a perfect one for us. They will be perfect both from inside and outside. By keeping them beside us we will get motivation for life and we can go ahead just because of them.
They will change our whole course of life and we will be thanking the Almighty to give us such a perfect partner.  Life will in sweetest mood all the time because of our partner. But life does not play its role according to our
script. It has to its own script to play the drama.

Most often we are blessed with perfect partner. It is a common situation that, many people just get the opposite types of partner that they desired. It is how life goes on. And we need to deal with. Most of the contradictions
are being faced in case of outlook. People do not get the partner with perfect appearance. In these cases, two kinds of things are most likely to be happened. One people get themselves detached from the relationship even
before judging the other aspects. They are persistent and quite confident that, they will get what they want and they will achieve it. Another types of people, get their life going with lucks decision. They try to adjust with
the partner and build a long term relationship.

In this, at first they may not feel comfortable with the undesired and imperfect partner but as the time moves on they get themselves adjusted with it. And at one point of life, they start to love their partner so intensely
that, they could have hardly imagined. They feel completely comfortable with their partner and thank themselves that back then they made the right choice of choosing the current partner and lead the life.

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