Love Again

Love Again

In our life some experience are very much valuable. Nothing can be compared with these ones. These are unique and novel. Whenever we think of it we tend to have smile in our face. Life is at full form hen we pass through this
experience. But sometimes the same experience makes our life trouble some. We start to hate ourselves for the mistake of conceiving the previous experience. We used to curse ourselves all the time and life become an utter
distress for us; there two situations and these two are most common phenomena of our life. First one is falling into love a second one is eliminating that fro our life.

Life is always very much interesting. It always takes tests of our patience and courage. It also tries to have all-sorts of experiments into us. It is also a great mentor. Life always tries to teach us great lessons which deal with something great and now it is up to us, whether we will be a good student or not. When we fall in love for the first time, we are in a world of euphoria. Every thing seems to be so nice for us that we have over look much tiny
stuff. At one point of time these stuffs turn out to be bigger and then we hardly can handle he heat and then when the affair is finished our next part of life starts. It entirely depends on us that whether we will go for love again or not.

We have to take this vital decision very seriously and we have to understand the heaviness of the situation. We should not put ourselves in such situations that we will not be comfortable there. We have to calculate every aspect of getting into a new relationship. If the calculations show positive result then we should go for it otherwise we have to say where we are.

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