Independence in Relationships

Independence in Relationships

Relationship is something that keeps two people so closer. It is a relationship which is not made by blood but by heart. So people become so much weak about this relationship. Most of the people are lost themselves in this
relation. But it is not good. A person must need to have some of his independence in the relation.

Let’s find out how a person should need to have independence. The first thing is where critical things are started in the relation that is job. We all know, we are living in a male dominant country. In most of the cases it
is found that they are not like to give permission to woman to go for job. That is not obviously a good thing. At that time woman like to say they studied a long part of their life so they need to use it. On the other hand the
male people say, there is no reason behind to go for job, because he can give her enough money.

Independence is also under threat when a woman does not permit her boyfriend or husband to meet with other girls. Same goes to when a man do not like to see his girl friend or wife to talk with other boy. This happens only
for the lack of belief between them. For keeping the relation alive girls and boys sometimes allow this by throwing independence way.

This independency again goes under knife when a partner access and try to control the life of others. It can be the normal habit through a deep rooted behavior. By trying to controlling each other both of them try to capture
the independence of others. But at last what happens that both of them lose their independence. Instead of getting the control of the life of each other they must need to believe each other.

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