Ending a Friendship

Friendship is not only a relationship but also a gift of God. After the relationship with parents the priceless relation is friendship. It helps a person to lead a good life. A friendship makes a persons life more enjoyable and beautiful. It adds color in a human life and most importantly this relation where a person can depend. But unfortunately this is also true that for many reasons some people need to break this heaven relation.

At first lets see how a friendship becomes start and when it starts to break down. A good friendship grows from the childhood, that time they start to play together. From that time and that moments take them too closely and
make dependable on themselves. During that period they almost can?t live without one another. But the problem creates when they grow up and they start to identify in different in their personal choices and also they find that they no more only a good friend but also a competitor of each other. A good friendship breaks only when they find personal interest interacts personally.

Now lets find out the reasons why a friendship sees the end. The first reason is when friends are found that they professionally threat for each other. Then they start to ignore each other. Next reason is jealously. Just think two friends are working in an office. Now if one friend somehow gets promotion then the other friend start to jealous other one. Then may be one friend thinks another so close friend but other one does not like the friendship that time. For these reason the friendship breaks down.

Another cause is to and a major one is girl friend and boy friend related. In many cases it founds that one friend do not like the relationship of other one or one friend like the others girlfriend or boyfriend. When these types of problems arise then a friendship breaks down.

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