Writing Songs

Writing Songs

If one is interested in learning how to write a song, they must take help from online. More and
more aspiring songwriters, musicians and even experienced songwriters are making use of online songwriting lessons
and courses.

There are some important steps for writing songs: Stop thinking about writing songs, and start
writing songs. Peoples daydream about being on stage and hearing the roar of the crowd. Only trouble is, gee whiz,
they are dreaming their life away. If they want to write a really good song, they are going to have to work for

Listen actively to a lot of music. Good writers read books. Good songwriters listen to songs. As
people listen, think about what they like about a song. Get technical. People don’t have to have a degree in music
theory to write a good song, but they should have an understanding of how songs are built. There are infinite ways
to structure a song, but there’s a common sequence found in most of them.

Set the mood. Make sure peoples music fits the story. If it is sad, then they may want their
melody to evoke sadness (by slowing it down or adding some minor chords, for example) or they might want to add a
twist and combine sad lyrics to upbeat music in order to create a sense of tension and ambiguity.

Say something. A song can get by with poor lyrics and one have a better chance of writing a
really good song if their lyrics are great. This does not mean they have to be serious, but they should not be
cliché or ho-hum. Write own lyrics as though they are talking to somebody who they want to impress or to someone
toward whom they feel some sort of deep emotion.


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