Watch Less Tv

Watch Less Tv

Watch TV statistics get more and more depressing. In the world, the average adult spends anywhere from three to
six hours watching TV every day, and almost two-thirds of families with kids eat dinner while watching the tube. If
you feel you’ve been spending more time watching an electronically mediated simulation of real life than actually
experiencing your own, here’s a step-by-step plan for cutting down your daily TV consumption.

There are some steps that help people to watch less TV:

  • Don’t go ‘cold turkey.” If you’re accustomed to watching four and a half hours of prime-time TV each night,
    unplugging your set and stuffing it in the closet is a sure recipe for acute withdrawal. If your aim is to
    completely erase TV from your life, start slow. Turn on the set a half hour later each evening and turn it off
    a half hour earlier than normal.
  • Find a hobby. Four-plus hours a day is a lot of time to fill, so you should have something fun and engaging
    to fill it with. ‘Read a book” is the usual cliché, but very few people have the attention span to read a
    single book for an entire evening. Try listening to music, painting your bathroom, playing with Legos–in short,
    anything to get you off the couch.
  • Try ‘appointment TV.” Too many people ‘sort of” watch TV-you know, flipping idly through 500 cable
    channels, desperately hoping to find something interesting to watch. Instead of playing this fruitless game,
    resolve to watch only those shows you know you want to watch-like ‘The Sopranos” or ‘CSI.”
  • Use your DVD player. Although many experts would say watching DVDs is only marginally better than watching
    broadcast or cable TV, at least DVDs have a clear beginning and end, as compared to the 24/7 TV

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