Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage

Human beings have a fluctuating mentality. It is difficult find any kind of resemblance with one person to
another. They also interesting in nature. The range of being interesting varies from person to person. Some are
interesting which we admire and praise a lot. And some are ignorable and they create such impression that they
should not ever be followed. The mentality of self sabotage is something similar this.

Self sabotage is the destructive mentality and this destruction is targeted to own. People consciously and
subconsciously possess this mentality this mentality can be also a sign of mental illness. People with this self
sabotage mentality try to cause harm to them. Most often this insane mentality is triggered by the sense of being
worthless. When people consistently think that they are no match to this earth, nothing good can happen to them,
they start to sabotage their life. It can also be provoked by consistent depression and stress in professional or
personal life. These people hardly can think rationally. They are never able to realize he fact that one mistake
can not control their rest of the life. The authority is still on their hand and they can guide the life to a
better place. By possessing the mentality of self sabotage they are loosing all the chances of getting back into
the life.

These people are usually very much angry with the luck as they think that the after has betrayed them. It has
caused all the problems of their. It is now times to take revenge and they choose the way of self sabotage. They
rarely acknowledge their mistakes and work on it. Whoever thinking of being self sabotage, at first should relax
their mind and think deeply that, where they are trying to take their life, isn?t there much better place available
for them.

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