Perseverance Never Give Up

Perseverance – Never Give Up

There are various types of people in this earth. These people can be categorized based on some factors. If a
classification is being done in terms of persistence for success we can up with two broad classes of people, one
who never bother about the success after facing difficulties for several times. And the other one is those people
who always give their best to conquer mo mater how many difficulties they experience. The second group of people
the perseverance in them.

People having perseverance hardly give up. They are the man of their words. These people may experience a lot of
difficulties in pursuing their goal and it is perseverance which gives them the urge to carry on. It makes people
successful and a worthy one. People without this are considered to be the burden for the society. They are nothing
but a junk.

To develop perseverance it is very important to possess and nurture some qualities. These qualities include
confidence, hard working attitude, willingness, self esteem, self belief, persistence, and flexibility etc.
Perseverance is the integration of all these. Confidence is the core to possess perseverance because it gives the
inner strength. Confidence along with self esteem continuously reinforces an individual to pursue his or her goal.
Life will fluctuate as it will not be always smiling at us. Sometimes it will get cruel and this is where
perseverance comes into play.

If we go through the history pages, then we will see that each and every successful person has nurtured
perseverance. They were ruthless in pursing their destiny. We have to do the same. Some people often give up after
several trials cursing the fate. This is a characteristic of a looser. So if we want to be successful ones and set
examples for our successors then we must possess perseverance.

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