Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is tendency of putting things off for later time. Each and every human being is more or less
affected by this. The differentiation starts when the normal limit is exceeded. It is a part of human behavior, but
some people make it so consistent that, they do not even bother in loosing big opportunities of their life. Their
actions so idiotic that, they do not even realize how they are sabotaging life. They believe that, opportunities
will come and go, at one point they will grab it and take the best of it. Another reason of this is that people
having Procrastination are overconfident about their ability. They have a notion that they can do anything and even
if they keep themselves away from the work, it is just a matter of their wish to finish it on time.

These types of attitudes have to be washed off to get rid of Procrastination. Because when people start to think
it consistently that, they will do the stuffs later it becomes a bad habit. They always try to rationalize their
wrong decision regarding their work and it becomes apart of the daily life. A sense of urgency has o be developed
among them and also they have to balance between urgency and accuracy. And it is the mantra of eliminating
Procrastination from our mind. There must no trade off between these two. People should not be over confident
because it makes them think irrationally about their work.

There is saying that, Fortune favors the Brave. People having Procrastination often misinterpret this. They
think that, always loosing opportunity willingly and trying to grab it later is bravery. Sometimes Procrastination
leads them to anxiety and stress. When they face the reality they are shattered. So it will be a wise thing to
eliminate Procrastination before start regretting for it.

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