Overcome Lethargy

Overcome Lethargy

Lethargy is the state of sluggishness, drowsiness or indifference. This is common when a person is recovering
from an illness or someone has gone through a heavy physical stress. In these scenarios, lethargy is considered to
be a normal phenomenon, but if it is persistent in nature, then the individual needs to take care of this issue

If someone feels lethargic all the time then there can be many factors which are causing this problem, for
example the lack of sleep, diet problem, weight imbalance, dehydration etc. In most cases, lacks of enough sleep
triggers lethargy. An individual may not have enough sleep during night or a person suffering from insomnia, is the
most vulnerable one to lethargy. These people have to make sure that he or she is having proper sleep consistently.
Otherwise, they can take help of experts or they can have yoga or other relaxations programs which are quite
effective in alleviating this problem.

Diet is can be also responsible for lethargy. Sometimes a number of particular foods can an individual feel
lethargic. Because these foods take relatively longer time to digest. Light meals can be really a helpful option in
this case. Besides this, if someone is prone to lethargy, then avoiding carbohydrates during day time will be the
most suitable alternative for him or her. Weight imbalance is another significant reason for lethargy. Extra weight
always triggers lethargy, so it will be wise to loose some weight and keep the body occupied. Regular exercises
help a lot to avoid lethargy as by this an individual’s muscles remain active, which is useful in easing the
problem of lethargy. Change in temperature can also provoke lethargy. Apart from these, dehydration may also cause
lethargy. In this case drinking water is the best solution for overcoming lethargy.

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