New Year Resolution Reinforcer

New Year Resolution Reinforcer

Everyone expects the New Year to be coming with hope and joy. It will wash off all the odds of life and show us
the path of reviving the life with new ones. We will have all the ingredients to make the life a more desired one.
We will grab those tools to make the life look far better than the previous. To do this, more often we come up with
a New Year resolution, where we vow to ourselves to do the desired thing. We take pledge to do the desired one, no
matter what happens. To make the New Year resolution successful, we sometimes incorporate a reinforcer which
consistent pushes us to grasp the opportunity.

The reinforcer gives us the necessary nudge to the pledge into action. For most of us without being reinforced
the resolution stays as a pledge. Because later it is never been executed. It is really essential to have
reinforcer because it gives us the hope as well as purpose of the resolution. For example, when a chain smoker
pledges that, he will quit smoking then he must have some reason behind it. The reason can be his child. Every day
when he sees his child face, it gives him the purpose to quit smoking as he wants to grow up his child in a healthy

The reinforcer has to be strong one as well as the resolution. If you are not that much sensible to choose the
resolution carefully, then it is not going to be implemented in the real life. That would be regarded just as
whimsical wish and so in this case here is no chance to have a strong reinforcement. Besides this, you have to be
strongly determined to continue with the resolution. So pick your resolution carefully and make it happen.

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