Dont Get Distracted

Dont Get Distracted

We see many things around us in this beautiful world which we define as superb, min blowing, breath taking etc.
on the other side, there are some other things which we completely ignore; these seem to be of zero value to us.
These are the two parts of life and these needs to be balanced, because both of these can distract you. The first
one may overwhelm you and fill you with a sense of euphoria, which will surely make you blind in near future.

After a while your aim will not be clear to you and you will be lost in a maze. The second one is the trivial
things that you may keep ignoring for a long period of time. But when come into the practical life, these trivial
ones turn out to be life changing factor because your anticipation was never right.

There are many things which will be distracting you and keep you out of the main track. But it all depends on
you whether you will be vulnerable to all these tricky things or you will set triumph. It is like choosing an
option of being a winner or a loser.

If you can not control yourself, you may see life is smiling at you. But sooner you will figure out that,
actually life was grinning at you. You have to be always stay focused towards your destiny it is the only option;
other than this you will loose everything sooner or later and you will be regretting. Stay focused doe not
necessarily mean that, you will be have no recreation, leisure time or there will be no hanging out friends. You
have to be a balanced person. You need possess a mentality of strong determination, will power, the authority of
yourself and the command over tricky parts of life.

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