Creativity Booster

Creativity Booster

Some people in this earth are blessed with a rare gift named creativity. It is one of the most desired gifts
that many intellectual people would like to receive.

The creative people are the ones who open new doors of opportunity, they are the one who invent, who contribute
by using their gift. But creativity is something which can also be created through experience. This is enduring
process and involves many important factors, such as- , the ability of brainstorming, the surroundings, education,
social phenomena, the attitude towards life etc these are the factors which influence to develop creativity in
him/her and these factor also work as a creativity booster.

Brainstorming is closely related to creativity. It is something which needs patience and continuous involvement.
Brainstorming is not a easy job. There are many people out there who initiate this but in most of the cases end up
in nothing. They just get back where they started and they never give a second try. It is obvious to run of out
ideas but things need to be reinitiated again and again. That is where challenge lays in. Creativity is all about
nurturing the ideas and the best way to do this is brainstorming.

Apart from this, education and the surroundings are also likely to play crucial role in boosting creativity.
Here education does not mean just intuitional education. The person who has the urge to be a creative entity,
he/she has to learn from the world. They can not limit themselves into a area. They have to grasp things from the
world because this earth is the best instructor that any one could ever get.

Moreover they can never be satisfied, because this settles them within a boundary. They always have to believe
in one great saying- Stay hungry. Stay focused.

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