Strength of Character

Strength of Character

Character is the most important thing of a human. This is the most strong point of human. Just only with the
power of character a person can change the view of the society, by the power of character a person can take place
in the heart of others. By the strength of character a person become the idol of others.

Different people have different character. Some people are always smiley, some people are moody, some people
don’t like to talk too much whereas some people are talking, and some people have extremely good behavior whereas
some people have worst behavior. By this behave a person is treated to all the people. The strength of the
character a person can get the ability to influence others. Like if a person always has smiley face then normally,
everyone started to like this person. So, by his character he started to influence other. Let’s see another example
where a good character people are honored by all the people of the society. That’s why everyone starts to believe
on him and start to follow that person. Here also we can see that by the strength of character one person is
starting to influence others.

Now on the upper discussion, we have found some examples of strength of character. But all of these are little
example. The main example on strength of character can be given with the example of charismatic characteristic.
From year to year, we found many leaders in this world. All of them are not able to keep themselves in the mind of
all the people only some of them can did this. Some of them did it with a great speech, some of them did it by
spending their whole life for the people and some of them are for their attacking mood. But all of them take the
place in human mind and become the idol of human for their special characteristics.

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