Stop Self Obsession

Stop Self Obsession

Self-obsession comes from the way you recognize things around you. We often become excessively self-obsessed, we
can spoil our emotional fitness and even our social life after all, who wants to be with someone can only think
about own?

Start loving yourself. Whatever you are, you are creation of god and god loves you. So just start loving
yourself but excessively. Do not take into account other people’s comment on you. You are the owner of yourself and
you should start taking care of yourself. Life is a reward and makes good use of gift. First thing to do is
psychologically step back and admit that you’ve started obsessing. Remind yourself that it’s alright to have a
fleeting obsession. Dont start being anxious about what the obsession means. Remind yourself that the obsessive
satisfaction is not significant. Connect into specific events that will help you transform your emotion about the

The moment you start to think negative, cease there. Divert your thinking and focus on constructive things. Try
to be outgoing .Talk with an open heart. Talk about problems with friends. Success comes after hard work. Never be
depressed by less performance. There are more unfortunates around than you. We cannot change the course of life.
The reason behind leaving to is to spread happiness all around.

Lots of researchers have found that pleasure, confidence, and flexible psychological health is much higher in
people who contribute to the society around them, and who have strong mutual friendships. Caring for others and
contributing significantly to the people around us is a fundamental emotional need, and the more we try to reject
this, and pretend we can be happy by focusing only on ourselves, the hollowed and pointless life becomes. So, self
obsession is destructive and harmful.

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