Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself

In our childhood we keep crafting a number of dreams. Some of these dreams are washed off on the teen age and
some people hold dream as they wish to make true. The later category of people can not always fulfill the wish
because of the personal problems or others. But deep into the heart, they nurture it. There is another category of
people who forgo their wish for a simple. At one point of time they regret. The last two group of people desire to
have a chance to reinvent themselves. This pursing of dream is just one part of life. When we break down the life,
then from many perspectives people will be craving for a chance to reinvent them.

Reinvent literally means reviving oneself or to give life a new look. It can also mean picturing the life in a
new way or inventing a new one within each human being. There are many people who in some point of their life gave
others the chance to manipulate their thinking. They let their thinking drown into others. They had no control over
their wish and they hardly could realize it. They were simply representing others which gradually decay their
existence. When these people realize that, there is been a big mistake and they set to rebuild their life into
their own way. They feel the urge to set themselves free. It is a kind of reinventing and what it takes is
confidence, determination and patience.

In our life we face a lot of uncertainties. Our life can be shattered just in a second. All the past washes away
with this and we never can get it back. But still the life dose not brings to a halt. To reinvent our self we have
too give this broken life a new look. We have to keep faith in ourselves and the luck.

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