Personal Power

Personal Power

The concept of personal power is comprised of a number of aspects- competency, agility, confidence, self esteem
and aggressiveness. It is such a thing which many desire for their lifetime. For some the desire and efforts to
achieve this is just mere wastage of time. These people are busy in saving themselves from the odds of life. They
are considered to be coward. On the contrary there is another group of people who strive for achieving power. They
gradually develop an instinct and nurture it for gaining personal power.

Personal power is associated with every aspect of life; it can be personal and professional. We if break down
personal power then we will come up with some other core parts of it, such as charismatic power, knowledge power,
reference power and coherent power. These are all related to our day to day activities but we do to always define
the literally. There are some people who are endorsed with the charismatic power, they have the ability to
manipulate others thinking. They exert such a personal power where their one speech can make people aggressive.
Leaders are the best example of it. Knowledge power is about gradual development and nurturing. When they are in a
group they used to have authority over others by their vast knowledge.

Though some people are blessed with personal power, it is matter of continuous development and nurturing. We can
not wait for the life to show it charm and suddenly bless us with personal power. We have to step forward. We have
to confident, determined and aggressive. We have to strongly believe in ourselves rather than drowning into other’s
thoughts. We need to have the strong desire to conquer power. We should not get depressed by the failure; we have
to carry on the aggressiveness and will power that is how personal power can be achieved.

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