Living with Uncertainty

Living with Uncertainty

Most often we are left with the option to lead our life. It completely depends on us in which manner we will
conduct our life. Life it self is very much uncertain in nature. Hardly can we predict its fluctuating nature. All
the time it keeps changing its looks. If we wait for the life to settle itself and then we will move forward, then
will be a sheer stupidity. We can not wait for the life to show its charm. Life will be playing its role all the
time. We have to take steps transform its uncertainties into most possible course of action and then manipulate
those for our purpose. Living life with uncertainty is never a good option.

Rather than living life with alls orts of uncertainty, it is better to bring a halt in our life. We have to be
pro active and aggressive. We have to think beyond the line and start using the intuitive power into us. We have to
increase the propensity of success of our hunch. These all can be achieved though expertise, knowledge.

If we choose the path of uncertainty then we will the one who will regret for it later. It makes the life more
miserable and painful experience and hardly will we be able to bear it. Life becomes a chaos and we are ruined by
the uncertainty. It causes a lot of stress, anxieties, depression into us which cripple our daily life. It affects
our eating habit, sleeping, walking- each and very activity. We are being paralyzed by this and our thinking
process is being freeze. Hardly few people can take the pressure of uncertainty and live with this. It is for our
own good to get rid of all the uncertainties, no matter what it takes. We have to choose the best option for us and
grasp all the opportunists of life.

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