Living Alone

Living Alone

From childhood we learn man can?t live alone. But nowadays we are seeing some people who live alone. They want
to be isolated. Nobody makes them to do it. They choose to live alone. Nowadays 25% of population lives alone in
North America both rural and urban areas.

There are many reasons for which people live alone. First of all there is depression. Broken heart, failure in
romance, failure in work causes depression. They feel themselves inferior to other as a result they dont live with
others. Secondly, many people relate it to freedom. They think they can dance naked in the room. What if she did if
she had to share the room? That is why they want to live alone. Thirdly, people of creative mind want to live alone.
Their profession (writer, poet, singer) are highly creative. They believe that a calm environment is much needed to
think and concentrate.

Some people think living alone can cut cost. Family means too much expenditure. So they choose to be single and
live alone. Some people some bad and disgusting habit like snore, walking in sleep; smoking etc. people dont want
to share room with them. Even if they dont want to live alone but they have to. Some digital media like TV,
internet is great form of entertainment. Some people like to engage in them rather than passing that time with
friends and family.

The people who live alone need psychological support. The first people who can come forward are their friends
and family. They can give the person a good time, share their feeling and console him for his loses. This could
remove his depression. As a result he likes to be with his FnF.

Living alone has spread out in the western countries. People now like to be isolated rather than in society.
They need psychological help to better off this condition. Thus people live happy and stress free life.

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