Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness

Learned helplessness is a scientific term which is used to explain the human psychology and the animal
psychology to explain the helplessness of them.

All the animals and human are living in this world. All of them come in this world in a process, and when they
come in this world they do not have any idea about this world. They are just blank minded in that time. Those times
all the human and animals are totally helplessness. This terminology is totally explained shortly as learned

As it is said learned, it mean during this time people and the human being learn mostly in the life. They learn
how to walk, they learn how to eat, they learn how to explain their words to others. Though the learning process is
same but these animals and human has some differences like human also start to adopt that how to talk with others,
these also available in animals but not as human do. These animals do this by signs. These sign are not adoptable
by human being.

Now, let’s talk about something that how they learning. These human and animals learn from their older people
who are living with them. Most commonly these people are the parents of them. In human being it can be said they
learn also from the relatives of them. In the animals this learning is coming from the people who live in their
group. This learning is running until they get the experience about all the things.

Finally it can be said that this learning process is very important for a person. No, can build up in the life
without this lesson. That is why in human culture and also in animals? culture it is given most priority to learn all
of these things perfectly.

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