Introvert to Extrovert

Introvert to Extrovert

There are mainly two types of people are seen in this world. One of them is introvert and the other one is
extrovert. These people have totally two different types of behave and also have two different types of thinking
process. From both of these one is accepted by all and another is not needed to say not accepted by not as other
one. Here the excepted thing is extrovert and the other one is introvert.

Here extrovert people have the quality to talk with lots of people. They have quality to explored themselves in
front of them world. They love the party life, they pass their time with joy, and they kicked out the sadness from
their life. They always have the positive thinking in their mind. On the other hand introvert people do not like to
express their words to others. They normally like to live in their own area. This discussion already tells us that
extrovert is better than introvert thats why people are like to transfer themselves introvert to extrovert.

Now to transfer themselves from introvert to extrovert the person must needs to stop research on extrovert
people. Some introvert people think that extrovert is hazards. It is not like this. So they need to stop this
thinking and try to move on extrovert team.

For this transfer a person should need to find the perfect social group. The reason is without the perfect
social group a person cannot express himself perfectly.

The person needs to develop the social skills. These skills are included how to start to talk with others, how
to introduce yourself, how to flirt. The person can join in different social clubs. These clubs will help a person
bring out the extrovert behaviors of person. Finally it is very important to say that an extrovert thinks what he
gives to the society and he never thought what he get from the society. An introvert must need to adopt this if he
wants to transfer into extrovert.

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