Cultivate Compassion

Cultivate Compassion

Compassion is norm which upholds the virtue of feeling about others as themselves. It is an integration of both
empathy and sympathy. Those human beings are regarded to be the best creatures in this earth that are admired and
remembered for many generations. People are inspired by them and try to follow the great lesson.

Cultivating compassion is a must needed practice to accomplish peace in this world. When people will start
feeling others problems and think themselves as a part of them only then life can have a new look. It is important
from both moral and psychological point of view.

Over years of researches, experts have proved that, psychologically a person is benefitted when he/ she have the
empathetic mentality. When people uphold the attitude of compassion, they are more likely to be happier ones. It is
one of the most essential and interesting tools for achieving happiness which we strive for all through our

We have to decentralize ourselves which will be a step towards compassion. We need to get out of the cocoon that
we have created around us and stop the inner voice which keep saying just about the daily profit that we want earn
from life.

If we turn back the pages of history books, we will find that, the greatest people in this earth had always
upheld the mind-set of compassion and they had always taught the same. All the religions have also given special
attention to this and have inspired the followers to do this.

There is a popular saying that, if you share happiness, it will be enhanced and if you share grief, it will be
reduced. This is the underlying truth of life and we need to have faith in this. So we always should try feel about
others as they feel about themselves and nurture this attitude till the last day in this earth.

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