Success Motivation

Peoples success isn’t what they think it is. Their success is what they think they are and their motivation for pursuing success is intimately tied to their thoughts about themselves and their place in the world. People were created for achievement and success. While our motivations for pursuing success can stem from greed to fear of lack to a sense of right and entitlement, our success is intimately tied to what we think about ourselves.

One should first understand that success isn’t defined just by material gain. We believe the purest definition of success is being happy what our life, our accomplishments and our relationships. We all define success in many different ways but ultimately we are successful when our life choices, the things we accomplish through our life choices and the relationships we build, all allow us to express our life passions and purpose.

When we engage success with any effort other than a love and a passion in the pursuit of happiness our lives become drudgery and our efforts become mechanical. Life becomes dry, routine and seems are forced. It seems a lot of people define success by how much money they make and possess. And it also seems that many people dream of doing something different. There are many people who are rich and miserable and there are many people who are rich and full of joy. Our state of happiness starts with our state of mind and our success is not rooted in what we think it is, it is rooted in what we think we are. We must think about who we really are and where our place is in the world to find satisfaction in our motivation to define and pursue our personal success. To pursue success solely for the material gain alone is not a compelling enough argument to sustain our efforts to succeed when the going gets

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