Stop Fidgeting

Stop Fidgeting

The common attribute of fidgety people show are making restless moves, making involuntary gestures, the
inability to sit still. They often are seen shaking their legs, playing with their arms, hair etc. When there is
lack of peace and calmness in the mind, the body shows the symptoms outwards and fidgeting occurs. It involves the
state of mind a great deal. Emotionally turbulent times or troubled mentality can lead to fidgeting. These can
create social problem due to miscommunication or gestures.

Especially children are victim of fidgeting. The first thing to ensure is a congenial environment at home. As
it’s a subconscious act, the best way to control it is to make own self aware of the impulsive activities or the
weird gestures. Then a person will be able to know what to control and how to control. The attention of the family
members and teachers are essential. The achievements made by the hyperactive person should be immediately
appreciated. A regular observation of the activities and updates are necessary. They sometimes make intention
gesture to communicate which should not be taken as the fidgeting. The surrounding people should create a great
learning environment. The child is not overburdened with problems. Parents should avoid collisions at home.

There are numerous relaxation techniques in order to overcome fidgeting. Yoga meditation methods are useful to
prevent the nervous energy that results from fidgeting. Music therapy has been effective as well. Emotional and
physical strength can reduce problems. Counseling sessions to a psychologist or a specialist are handy at

NLP techniques now a day is being used successfully which reduces the pressure and stress and eventually check
fidgeting. At extreme cases, proper medical treatment might be necessary. A circle of excellence can improve the
quality of life for the victim of fidgeting.

Luckily, this topic can be significantly improved with hypnotherapy
and clinical hypnosis.

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