Smile More

Smile More

Life is always being a pretty interesting stuff. It is quite impossible to predict its movement. We never can
tell where it will go and where it may take us. The most certain part of the life is its uncertainty. It can make
us smile and instantly it can easily make us cry. In the pool of these uncertainties we should be smiling more.
Life is a limited one and we are in this earth for may be a few moments or for years. No matter how much we live we
should try to make each moment a worthy one. We should live each day like it could be the last day of us in this
earth. The best way to live the life is smile more and more and make the other people smile.

Smile is contagious. When a person starts to laugh over a trivial reason other also join them. Smile resembles
liveliness and refreshment. It is a stuff which can not be faded along with the ages. Irrespective of age, gender,
race, religion smile is same. It is the open secret of happiness. Normally happiness triggers smile in one’s

But when people make smiling a habit, they tend to be happier than others. Even in the face f odds they smile
and their smile works as medicine for others tension. Smile should not be always calculated but it is better to
comprehend the situation before start smiling. There are some stupid people who never try to understand the
situation, they just smile and make the situation worse and prove themselves as idiotic ones. We should also watch
those people who smile, because it manipulates our mind and fills our heart with. Sometimes a smile can win a heart
and initiate a relationship. Smile is a powerful tool, we should use it appropriately.

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