Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries

Life is a compilation of endless opportunities. All the time, it keeps us offering new opportunities. It is upon
whether we will grasp those or we will set an irrational boundary on the way of this. There is a distinction
between barrier and boundary. Though most of us get messed up with these two, we have to be sure what we adept in
our life. From the very childhood we are forced to set boundaries in our life, and most of us end up with setting a
barrier to the dream. We let our selves drown into others thinking and can not figure out the way.

People who keep setting boundaries can be categorized into two parts, one who exactly set boundaries in their
life as benchmarks. They strive to get to these benchmarks and then set a new one. These boundaries are the ones
which keep them inspiring all the time. They have an urge inside them to have triumphant in the life. But in one
thing, they set no boundary and it is their dream. Another kind of people is the ones who keep setting barriers in
the name of boundaries. They restrict themselves within these.

Setting boundaries has another perspective. It is very crucial one in our relationships. All kinds of
relationships need a boundary. A boundary defines the pattern of relationship and we need to maintain it. Proper
boundaries make the relationships better. If there is no boundary in the relationship then there is unlikely to be
a bonding among the individuals involved in the relationship. Sometimes it is very important to maintain a distance
between the persons as it makes the relationship an attractive one. This distance works a charm for the
relationship and also here people should not set any boundary in watching dreams.

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